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Image of an arctic weather station on a bright day

CIFAR meetings are attended by top scientists, which is good both for scientific progress and for the Canadian students who attend the meetings.

Kathryn Moler
Associate, Quantum Materials

Board and Advisory Councils

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall governance of the Institute, and is composed of distinguished individuals drawn from the Canadian business, research and professional communities.

Among the Board's principal functions are:

  • The direction of CIFAR’s financial affairs;
  • The appointment of CIFAR’s President and, on his or her recommendation, the Research Council and Fellows of the Institute;
  • The approval of the Institute’s research programs and working agreements with universities and other institutions.

Council of Advisors
The Council of Advisors assists the Board of Directors and the President & CEO by providing advice and counsel as requested. It is composed of engaged individuals who may be selected alumni of the Board of Directors, of the Research Council, or past participants in research programs. These individuals have each shown a lasting commitment to the mission, goals and values of the Institute.

Research Council
The Research Council is made up of eminent scholars from a wide range of disciplines. The Research Council is responsible for advising the President on formulating, developing and establishing high quality advanced research programs, and on the disposition of programs when they are no longer “advanced.” Its principal functions are to:
  • Identify high priority areas of advanced intellectual inquiry for existing and potential programs, taking into account the Institute’s objectives and resources;
  • Identify existing, emerging, and latent research strengths in Canada;
  • Identify individuals to form task committees to explore potential new research areas for support by CIFAR;
  • Evaluate findings of task committees regarding the creation of new Institute programs;
  • Evaluate findings of external program reviews and make recommendations for Board approval on the renewal/termination of Institute programs;
  • Act as one channel of communication between CIFAR and the Canadian and international research communities by:
    • Informing the President of opportunities, issues, and problems related to research; and
    • Fostering an understanding within the research community of the Institute’s aims and activities.

Directors Emeriti
The Directors Emeriti is an honorary group of former long-standing Board members. They are friends of CIFAR, who have chosen to stay involved with the organization to provide intellectual insight and strategic advice.
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