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Image of a building with large marble columns

I had job options in US. But I decided to join the University of Toronto; one of the main reasons was CIFAR.

Hae-Young Kee
Senior Fellow, Quantum Materials

Campaign for CIFAR

CIFAR is a Canadian gem with an impressive history of intellectual successes. CIFAR is pursuing complex questions and answers at the frontiers of human knowledge.

Research excellence is important because it leads to breakthroughs of economic and social importance to Canada and the world.

Building CIFAR’s sustainability is a priority for the future of advanced research and knowledge creation.

Currently there are four campaign priorities to ensure the future success of the Institute:

  • Through expanding our CIFAR Global Academy, we foster Canada’s future research leaders.
  • Our Explorations Fund will support new high-potential research areas.
  • Our Research Leadership Fund will attract the brightest minds from around the world to steer CIFAR’s 12 research programs.
  • A general endowment fund will support the vision and commitment of CIFAR’s leaders to drive the Institute to new levels of international influence.

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