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Image of an arctic weather station on a bright day

I always come home from a CIFAR meeting full of ideas and excited about new directions for my own work.

Shelley Phipps
Senior Fellow, Social Interactions, Identity and Well-Being

CIFAR By the Numbers

CIFAR’s annual budget is $16 million. Currently, there are 14 interdisciplinary research programs.

Since the Institute’s inception, 15 Nobel Laureates have been associated with CIFAR.


  • Roger B. Myerson (Economic Sciences), Institutions, Organizations & Growth
  • George A. Akerlof (Economic Sciences), Institutions, Organizations & Growth, and Social Interactions, Identity & Well-Being
  • Anthony J. Leggett (Physics), Quantum Information Science
  • John C. Polanyi (Chemistry), Nanoelectronics
  • Philip W. Anderson (Physics), Quantum Materials
  • Daniel Kahneman (Economics) Social Interactions, Identity & Well-Being
  • Sidney Altman (Chemistry), Evolutionary Biology
  • Kenneth Arrow (Economic Sciences), Economic Growth & Policy
  • Walter Gilbert (Chemistry), Evolutionary Biology
  • Leland H. Hartwell (Medicine), Genetic Networks
  • Robert B. Laughlin (Physics), Quantum Materials Program
  • Richard J. Roberts (Medicine), Evolutionary Biology
  • Michael Smith (Chemistry), Evolutionary Biology Program
  • Willard Boyle (Physics), Research Council member
  • David Wineland (Physics), Advisory Committee Quantum Information Science

CIFAR supports 340 distinguished Canadian and international researchers:
  • 287 fellows and associates
  • 53 advisors

CIFAR researchers currently represent 17 countries:
Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States.

CIFAR researchers are based in Canada and abroad:
  • 64 per cent of fellows and associates are based in Canada
  • 19 per cent of advisors are based in Canada

CIFAR researchers represent 104 academic and research institutions around the world:
  • Fellows and associates are based at 88 institutions
  • Advisors are based at 42 additional institutions

Updated November 2014
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