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CIFAR Global Scholars Program

Global Scholar workshops are essential to broadening my view and furthering my career.

Bill Coish
CIFAR Global Scholar Alumni and Assistant Professor, McGill University

CIFAR Global Scholars Program

Program Re-Development

Through a competitive application process, CIFAR’s Global Scholars program identifies some of the world’s most promising early-career researchers to become members of a CIFAR research program for two years. This early exposure to CIFAR’s collaborative, multidisciplinary environment and the opportunity to work closely with some of the top researchers in their fields can profoundly influence a Global Scholar’s career path. Global Scholars from all of CIFAR’s programs also meet annually to further hone their skills as collaborative research leaders and effective communicators.

As we continue to develop the Global Academy, CIFAR is redesigning the Global Scholars program to build on these foundational experiences, with a new focus targeted to recently appointed assistant professors based in Canada and around the world. Details are under development and will be announced in the coming year.

During this transition period, recruitment to the Global Scholars program is on hold.

Brief Overview of Present Global Scholars Program

The present Global Scholars program is targeted to individuals within the first three years of having completed their PhD, who have demonstrated outstanding scholarship and research potential. It provides unique opportunities for personal and professional growth through close collaboration with and mentorship from some of the best researchers in Canada and around the world.

How It Works:

CIFAR Global Scholars benefit from opportunities rarely available to recent PhD graduates:
  • Global Scholars become full members of a CIFAR interdisciplinary research program for two years. As such, they have the opportunity to meet regularly and work closely with some of the most internationally renowned investigators in their fields on some of the biggest questions of importance to Canada and the world.
  • During their two-year appointment, and for three years thereafter as Alumni, Global Scholars from all programs meet annually at The Banff Centre in Alberta. Co-organized by a volunteer committee of Global Scholars, in collaboration with CIFAR and The Banff Centre’s Leadership Development faculty, the Global Scholar meetings offer creative opportunities to network with peers, exchange research ideas and methods across a wide range of fields, and take part in customized programs to hone skills as collaborative research leaders and effective communicators for knowledge outreach.

By participating in both an innovative CIFAR research program and the leadership-building Global Academy meetings, Global Scholars learn to embrace CIFAR’s core values: to think broadly and imaginatively across disciplines and to collaborate on a deep level with colleagues.

Questions about administrative guidelines and policies for the present Global Scholars Program, including our parental leave policy, may be directed to Paula Driedger, Programs & Information Officer:

Global Scholar Profiles

Global Scholar Alumni Profiles
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