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I had job options in US. But I decided to join the University of Toronto; one of the main reasons was CIFAR.

Hae-Young Kee
Senior Fellow, Quantum Materials

About Knowledge Outreach

At CIFAR, knowledge outreach is the process by which the institute communicates knowledge and research breakthroughs generated within its programs to knowledge users (e.g., government, business & industry, NGOs, pan-governmental organizations, and practitioners) in order to increase the value of its research to society.

CIFAR engages in a number of knowledge outreach events each year. These events bring together CIFAR researchers and knowledge users in a targeted and interactive fashion in order to facilitate knowledge sharing. The events differ in their structure and makeup, depending on the nature of the research being discussed and the needs and interests of the knowledge user(s). A description of upcoming CIFAR knowledge outreach events is listed below.


The 2nd International Conference on Social Identity and Health: Building Resilience by Mobilizing Connections

On June 3 and 4, 2014, members of the Social Interactions, Identity and Well-Being Program will present at the 2nd International Conference on Social Identity and Health: Building Resilience by Mobilizing Connections. This conference will bring together international experts from multiple disciplines and health professions to shed light on how social identities diminish, or sometimes exacerbate, risk of illness, and to identify strategies to mobilize social connections in the face of life challenges in order to build resilience. The conference will advance an understanding how social identity promotes health outcomes, and will consider opportunities for the translation of relevant constructs into health promotion interventions.

Conference information

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