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Who we are

CIFAR brings together outstanding researchers from across disciplines and borders to address important challenges facing the world. We support leading edge research with the potential for global impact.

Established in 1982, CIFAR is a Canadian-based, international research institute with nearly 400 fellows, scholars and advisors from 18 countries. In 2017, CIFAR was chosen by the Canadian government to lead the $125 million Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy.

Our Impact

CIFAR has had a significant impact on the way the world understands such critical issues as early child and brain development, artificial intelligence, building stronger societies, and many others. Our impact comes both from our long-term commitment to leading edge research and our efforts to connect stakeholders with the knowledge our programs produce. 

President's Message

Over three decades ago, CIFAR's visionary founders recognized the value of creating networks of outstanding researchers from across Canada and the world to focus on important questions and challenges.

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Our Fellows

CIFAR fellows are among the most highly cited and honoured researchers in the world, including 19 Nobel Laureates who have been associated with CIFAR since its inception. All share a commitment to long-term collaboration in pursuit of answers to important questions.

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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

CIFAR is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion. We recognize that bringing together individuals from multiple backgrounds, perspectives and experiences is integral to advancing excellence and increasing the impact of our organization. Ensuring that every person feels valued and welcome is vital to achieving our mission, and embodies our values of diversity, excellence, respect and collaboration.

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Our Team

CIFAR is supported by a team of professionals who are passionate about enabling ground-breaking research, and the application of that research to challenges of global importance.

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Leadership Team

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Honorary Appointments

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Partners & Supporters

CIFAR is generously supported by the governments of Canada, British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec, Canadian and international partners, as well as individuals, foundations and corporations.

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