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The Walrus Talks

The Walrus Talk series will feature renowned CIFAR fellows and CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholars and will address diverse topics across CIFAR’s research portfolio in life and health, individuals and society, earth and space, and information and matter. The talks will be enriched by the diverse perspectives of other experts who will share the stage, including writers, performers, artists, business leaders, and more.

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CIFAR Presents: The Walrus Talks Boundaries
September 23, 2019
Canada’s National Capital Region
How divisions shape our lives, what lies between borders, and what membership means now.

CIFAR Presents: The Walrus Talks Survival
November 20, 2019
Montreal, QC
The adaptations and innovations that fuel life and resilience.

CIFAR Presents: The Walrus Talks Exploration
March 5, 2020
Calgary, AB
Understanding our universe, from the centre of the earth to the far reaches of space.

CIFAR Presents: The Walrus Talks Intelligence
April 22, 2020
New York, NY
Minds, machines, and the complexities of information.

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CIFAR program meetings are at the core of what we do. Several times a year, fellows in each of our research programs come together to share research and trade ideas. By collaborating consistently over long periods of time, these interdisciplinary teams of fellows spark bold new approaches to important research questions. These meetings are by invitation only. For more information, please contact

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