Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall governance of the Institute, and is composed of distinguished individuals drawn from the Canadian business, research and professional communities.

Barbara Stymiest (Chair)
Corporate Director
Toronto, ON

Alan Bernstein, O.C.
President & CEO, CIFAR
Toronto, ON

Antonia Maioni (Vice-chair)
Dean, Faculty of Arts, McGill University
Montreal, QC

William L. Young (Vice-chair)
Founding and Managing Partner,
Monitor Clippers Partners
Boston, MA

David A. Dodge, O.C.
(Immediate Past Chair)

Senior Advisor,
Bennett Jones LLP
Ottawa, ON

Scott Bonham 
Intentional Capital Real Estate
San Francisco, CA

Jean-Guy Desjardins, C.M.
Chairman & CEO,
Fiera Capital Corporation,
Montreal, QC

Olivier Desmarais
Senior Vice-President,
Power Corporation of Canada,
Montreal, QC

Brenda Eaton
Corporate Director,
Victoria, BC

Morten N. Friis
Corporate Director,
Toronto, ON

Anthony R.M. Graham
Wittington Investments, Limited,
Toronto, ON

Jordan Jacobs
Co-Founder, CEO and Managing Partner,
Radical Ventures
Toronto, ON

Jacqueline Koerner
Founder & Past Chair,
Ecotrust Canada
Vancouver, BC

Stephen D. Lister
Managing Partner,
Imperial Capital Limited
Toronto, ON

Jason McLean
President and CEO,
McLean Group
Vancouver, BC

A. Anne McLellan, P.C., O.C.
Senior Advisor,
Bennett Jones,
Edmonton, AB

Patricia Meredith
Clarkson Centre for Board Effectiveness, University of Toronto
Toronto, ON

Bruce H. Mitchell
President & CEO,
Permian Industries Limited,
Toronto, ON

Gilles G. Ouellette
Group Head,
BMO Asset Management
Toronto, ON

Lawrence Pentland
Former President,
Dell Canada and Latin America
Toronto, ON

Hugo F. Sonnenschein
President Emeritus & Distinguished Professor, University of Chicago
Chicago, IL

Damon Williams
CEO, RBC Global Asset Management
Toronto, ON