About Artificial Intelligence 

CIFAR plays a significant role in artificial intelligence research in Canada and around the world. We helped to enable some of the fundamental breakthroughs in the field through our Learning in Machines & Brains program, a program which continues to deliver ground breaking research. We lead a $125 million national strategy to establish Canada's international leadership in AI. And we run a program that explores the ways that AI will reshape our society and how we should respond. 

Pan-Canadian AI Strategy

Pan-Canadian AI Strategy

CIFAR leads the Government of Canada’s $125 million Pan-Canadian AI Strategy, in partnership with the AMII, MILA and the Vector Institute.

Learning in Machines & Brains Card

Learning in Machines & Brain

Fellows in CIFAR’s LMB program are among the most influential in the field, and their collaborations continue to contribute to breakthroughs in artificial intelligence.
AI & Society

AI & Society

This CIFAR program examines the ethical, legal, economic and policy issues AI presents for society through workshops, publications, and activities designed to stimulate discussion and guide policy makers.

Pan-Canadian AI Announcements and News



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