Together Science Can

For more than 35 years, CIFAR’s global research programs have connected many of the world’s best minds – across borders and disciplines – to shape new perspectives and spark ground-breaking ideas.

CIFAR is founded on the principle that bringing together the world’s best scientists can solve complex, global challenges. We are proud to join like-minded organizations across the world in the Together Science Can campaign to celebrate and protect international collaboration.

International collaboration is vital for research, especially in the midst of events like Brexit that have created an uncertain environment for open science. Together Science Can recognizes that “the actions, policies and attitudes of governments shape research culture.”

Together Science Can provides a place for researchers to tell their stories and unite their voices. CIFAR will be highlighting the success of international collaboration using #TogetherScienceCan and invites its community members to add their voice.

Learn more about Together Science Can and how to get involved.

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