Photo of Toronto Star | Researchers create an artificial intelligence model that learns, and draws, just like you
Can you tell the difference between humans and machines? Humans and machines were given an image of a novel character (top) and asked to produce new exemplars. The nine-character grids in each pair that were generated by a machine are (by row) B,A;A,B;A,B. Credit: Brenden Lake

Toronto Star | Researchers create an artificial intelligence model that learns, and draws, just like you

Recommended Learning in Machines & Brains 11.12.2015

By Kate Allen

Pretend you’ve never seen a pineapple. Now imagine somebody shows you a pineapple.

After seeing just one, it would be very easy for you to identify a pineapple in a bowl of other fruits, draw something that kind of looks like a pineapple, tell the difference between its leaves and its body, or sketch something inspired by a pineapple but slightly different…

Read the rest of this story, which features research co-authored by CIFAR Fellow Ruslan Salakhutdinov, at

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