Ami Citri

Ami Citri


  • Fellow
  • Child & Brain Development


  • The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


  • Israel


PhD (Molecular Biology), Weizmann Institute of Science
MSc, Weizmann Institute of Science
BSc, The Hebrew University


Ami Citri’s lab seeks to define the mechanisms of selective attention, by which the brain focuses on specific information from the world around us.

Once this information has been selected, the lab strives to decipher the detailed mechanisms through which this information is encoded to form memories and lead to the development of habits, compulsions and addictions.


Inaugural Adelis Foundation Brain Research Award, 2015
NARSAD (Brain and Behavior) Young Investigator Award, 2013
Sieratzki-Korczyn Prize for Advances in Neuroscience, 2012
AXA Research Award, 2010
Human Frontier Science Program Research Award, 2006

Relevant Publications

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