Amos Zehavi

Amos Zehavi


  • Associate Program Director
  • Innovation, Equity, & The Future of Prosperity


  • Tel Aviv University
Departments of Public Policy and Political Science


  • Israel




Amos Zehavi is a political scientist interested in the social aspects of innovation policy, comparative social policy, the political implications of privatization and mechanisms of institutional change.

In the project (co-led with Dan Breznitz) 'Severing the Innovation-Inequality Link: A Comparison of the Distributive Aspects of Innovation Policies', Amos investigates if and how innovation policies in Canada, Germany, Israel, Sweden and the U.S. impact the relative socio-economic position of specific groups: low-skilled workers, women, minorities, people with disabilities, and inhabitants of geographical-economic peripheries. An additional objective of this study is to explore the political underpinnings of innovation policy formulation, thus unearthing politics' effect on distribution through its influence over innovation policy.


Israel Science Foundation Research Grant, 2015-2018

Lupina Honorarium, University of Toronto, 2017-2019

Munk School, University of Toronto – Tel Aviv University Research Grant 2014-2015: Distribution sensitive S&T policies for disadvantaged groups

United States – Israel Binational Science Foundation Research Grant, 2009 -2011

Israel Science Foundation Research Grant, 2009-2011

Relevant Publications

Zehavi, A and D. Breznitz. "The Neoliberal Targeted Social Investment State: The Case of Ethnic Minorities." Journal of Social Policy (2018).

Zehavi, A. and D. Breznitz. "Distribution Sensitive Innovation Policies: Conceptualization and Empirical Examples." Research Policy 46, 1 (2017).

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Zehavi, A. "Moving in Opposite Directions? Religious Involvement in Welfare Provision in Israel and the Low Countries." Social Service Review 86, 3 (2012): 429-453.

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