Andreas Wallraff

Bio Outline


  • Fellow
  • Quantum Information Science


  • ETH Zürich
Department of Physics


  • Switzerland


PhD (Experimental Physics), University Erlangen-Nuremberg
MSC (Physics), RWTH Aachen University
Masters, Research Center Jülich
BSc (Physics), Imperial College of Science and Technology


Andreas Wallraff focuses on the experimental investigation of quantum effects in mesoscopic electronic circuits for performing fundamental quantum optics experiments and also for applications in quantum information processing.

His group at ETH Zurich engages in research on micro- and nano-electronics, with a particular focus on hybrid quantum systems combining superconducting electronic circuits with semiconductor quantum dots and individual Rydberg atoms, making use of fast and sensitive microwave techniques at ultra-low temperatures.


ERC Advanced Grant, 2013

ETH Zurich Max Roessler Prize, 2011

European Research Council (ERC) Starting Independent Research Grant, 2009

Nicholas Kurti European Science Prize, 2006

Relevant Publications

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