Aniruddh Patel



  • Fellow
  • Brain, Mind & Consciousness


  • Tufts University
Department of Psychology


  • United States


PhD (Organismic and Evolutionary Biology), Harvard University
MSc (Organismic and Evolutionary Biology), Harvard University
BA (Biology), University of Virginia


Aniruddh (Ani) Patel researches the cognitive, neural and evolutionary foundations of music cognition.  Areas of emphasis include rhythmic processing and relations between music and language processing.

He has used a range of methods in his research, including human brain imaging, theoretical analyses, acoustic research and comparative work with other species. Patel has served as president of the Society for Music Perception and Cognition and has published an award-winning scholarly book (Music, Language, and the Brain, 2008 Oxford Univ. Press) and more than 90 research articles. In 2015 he released a set of 18 lectures on music and the brain aimed at a general audience, produced by The Great Courses.


Guggenheim Fellowship
Fellowship, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Studies, Harvard University
ASCAP Deems Taylor Award for Music, Language, and the Brain
Music Has Power Award, Institute for Music and Neurologic Function

Relevant Publications

Patel, A.D. (2019). Evolutionary music cognition: Cross-species studies.  In: P. J. Rentfrow & D. Levitin (Eds.) Foundations in Music Psychology: Theory and Research. (459-501). Cambridge, MA: MIT Press 

Patel, A.D. (2018). Music as a transformative technology of the mind: An update.  In: H. Honing (Ed.) The Origins of Musicality (113-126). Cambridge, MA: MIT Press

Ozernov-Palchik, O., Wolf, M., & Patel, A.D. (2018). Relationships between early literacy and non-linguistic rhythmic processes in kindergarten children. J. Exp. Child Psychology, 167, 354-368. DOI:

Bregman, M.R., Patel, A.D., & Gentner, T.Q. (2016).  Songbirds use spectral shape, not pitch, for sound pattern recognition. PNAS, 113, 1666-1671.

Patel, A.D. (2008). Music, Language, and the Brain.  NY: Oxford University Press.