Barbara Terhal

Bio Outline


  • Fellow
  • Quantum Information Science


  • RWTH Aachen University
Institute for Quantum Information


  • Germany


PhD (Physics), University of Amsterdam
MSc (Theoretical Physics), University of Amsterdam


Barbara Terhal, a theoretical physicist, has been working in various sub-areas of quantum information theory, ranging from quantum entanglement to quantum cryptography and quantum algorithms. Her current interests are in quantum complexity theory and quantum fault-tolerance.


APS Outstanding Referee, 2015

Distinguished Visiting Research Chair, Perimeter Institute, 2014

Outstanding Innovation Award, IBM Research, 2007

Fellow of American Physical Society, 2007

Relevant Publications

Terhal, B.M. "Quantum error correction for quantum memories." Rev. Mod. Phys. 87, no. 2 (April 2015): 307.

Terhal, B.M. et al. ”From Majorana Fermions to Topological Order.” Phys. Rev. Lett. 108 (2012): 260504.

Bravyi, S., and B.M. Terhal. “A No-Go Theorem for a Two-Dimensional Self-Correcting Memory Based on Stabilizer Codes.” New J. Phys. 11 (2009).

Oliveira, R., and B.M. Terhal. "The Complexity of Quantum Spin Systems on a Two-dimensional Square Lattice." Quant. Inf. Comp. 8, no. 10 (2008): 0900–0924.

Terhal, B.M. "Bell inequalities and the separability criterion." Phys. Lett. A 271, no. 5–6 (July 2000): 319–26.


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