David Gosset



  • Fellow
  • Quantum Information Science


  • Institute for Quantum Computing and Department of Combinatorics and Optimization
  • University of Waterloo


  • Canada


PhD (Physics) Massachusetts Institute of Technology
BSc (Physics and Mathematics) University of British Columbia


David Gosset is a quantum computer scientist who is interested in quantum algorithms and complexity theory.

He has worked on theoretical questions relevant to small quantum computers, including understanding the computational power of constant-depth quantum circuits and the limits of classical simulation algorithms. He has also investigated the computational power and complexity of quantum many-body systems, and the application of physics-inspired tools from these areas to quantum computer science.


Pat Goldberg Memorial Best Paper Award (IBM Research, 2016)

Sherman Fairchild Prize Postdoctoral Fellowship in Theoretical Physics (Caltech, 2015-2016)

Marble Presidential Fellowship (MIT, 2006-2007)

Rudi Haering Medal in Physics (UBC, 2006)

Relevant Publications

Bravyi, Sergey, David Gosset, and Robert Koenig. "Quantum advantage with shallow circuits." Science 362.6412 (2018): 308-311.

Bravyi, Sergey, and David Gosset. "Improved classical simulation of quantum circuits dominated by Clifford gates." Physical Review Letters 116.25 (2016): 250501.

Gosset, David, and Daniel Nagaj. "Quantum 3-SAT is QMA1-complete." SIAM Journal on Computing 45.3 (2016): 1080-1128.

Childs, Andrew M., David Gosset, and Zak Webb. "Universal computation by multiparticle quantum walk." Science 339.6121 (2013): 791-794.