Doug Bonn



  • Fellow
  • Quantum Materials


  • University of British Columbia
Department of Physics & Astronomy


  • Canada


PhD (Physics), McMaster University
BSc (Physics), McMaster University


Doug Bonn works in condensed matter physics. His main interest is the study of high temperature superconductors, particularly their electromagnetic properties at microwave frequencies.

The screening and absorption of electromagnetic radiation at these low frequencies provide some of the key means of probing the pairing state of electrons in superconductors, and the excitations out of that superconducting groundstate. These measurements have provided key information on the d-wave pairing state of the 93- kelvin superconductor YBCO, and continue to reveal new phenomena as new samples are developed with increasing perfection and doping control.

The materials aspect of the research program at UBC also connects Bonn and his colleagues to numerous other experiments worldwide. The ultimate motivation of this program is to help understand the origin of high temperature superconductivity, a major unsolved problem in condensed matter physics. Closely connected to this is a program of research aimed at the application of high temperature (high Tc) superconductors in wireless communications. This work is part of a broad collaboration at UBC (Bonn, Hardy, Liang, Carolan, Brewer, Kiefl, Eldridge) and with researchers throughout North America. The preparation of state-of-the-art crystals of high Tc superconductors has placed this group at the forefront of research into the fundamental properties of these materials, involving them in numerous collaborations with researchers who make use of materials grown at UBC.



CAP Brockhouse Medal, 2012

Hans Fischer Senior Fellowship, Institute for Advanced Studies, Technical University of Munich, 2008–10

NSERC Brockhouse Prize for Interdisciplinary Research, 2006

Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, 2005

Fellow of the American Physical Society, 2003

BC Science and Technology Award, 2000

UBC Killam Research Prize, 2000

CAP Herzberg Medal, 1997

Relevant Publications

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