Eva Silverstein

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  • Advisor
  • Gravity & the Extreme Universe


department of physics


  • United States


PhD (Physics), Princeton University
AB (Physics), Harvard University


Eva Silverstein is a physicist whose research focuses on UV complete mechanisms and systematics of cosmic inflation, including string-theoretic versions of large-field inflation (with gravity wave CMB signatures) and novel mechanisms involving inflation interactions (with non-Gaussian signatures in the CMB).

She is also interested in concrete holographic models of de Sitter expansion in string theory, aimed at upgrading the AdS/CFT correspondence to cosmology; mechanisms for non-Fermi liquid transport and “2k_F” singularities from strongly coupled finite density quantum field theory; and mechanisms by which the extra degrees of freedom in string theory induce transitions and duality symmetries between spaces of different topology and dimensionality.


MacArthur Fellowship, 1999

Sloan Research Fellowship, 1999

DOE Outstanding Junior Investigator Award, 1999

Bergmann Memorial Award, 1999

Relevant Publications

Alishahiha, M. et al. "DBI in the sky: Non-Gaussianity from inflation with a speed limit." Phys. Rev. D. 70 (December 2004): 123505.

Harvey, J.A. et al, eds. Strings, Branes and Gravity. Singapore: World Scientific, 2001.