Frédéric Keck

Frederick Keck


  • Fellow
  • Humans & the Microbiome


  • Musée du quai Branly
Laboratoire d'anthropologie sociale


  • France


PhD (Philosophy), Université Lille III
DEA (Philosophy), University of Paris X-Nanterre
MPhil, Université Paris I-Sorbonne
Licence (History and Philosophy), Université Paris I-Sorbonne


Frédéric Keck’s research investigates contemporary relations between human and non-human beings as they are mediated by microbes.

After studying zoonotic pathogens in the context of avian influenza in Asia, he now explores relations between the living and the dead through a collaboration with African museums on the microbiome in human remains. He is generally interested to understand how microbes act as signs of environmental changes, and how non-human beings act as sentinels when they carry these microbes.


CNRS Bronze Medal, 2011

Relevant Publications

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Keck, F. "Avian Preparedness. Simulations of bird diseases in reverse scenarios of extinction in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore", The Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute (incorporating Man), n°24 (2), 2018: 330-347.

Keck, F. "A Genealogy of Animal Diseases and Social Anthropology (1870–2000)", Medical Anthropology Quarterly, n° 33 (1), 2018: 24–41.

Keck, F., S. Cabalion, E. Abu Baker Abd Farag, O. Abdelahdi and H. Al-Romaihi, "Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus and human-camel relationships in Qatar", Medicine Anthropology Theory n°5 (3), 2018: 177–194. 

Keck, F. "'Ce virus est potentiellement pandémique’.  Les énoncés divinatoires des experts de la grippe aviaire", Anthropologie & Société n°42 (2-3), 2018: 271-289. 

Keck, F. "Livestock Revolution and Ghostly Apparitions. Disentangling the Hypothesis of South China as an Influenza Epicenter", Current Anthropology, n°60 (S19), 2019.