Guillaume Gervais



  • Fellow
  • Quantum Materials


  • McGill University
Department of Physics


  • Canada


PhD (Low-temperature Physics), Northwestern University
MSc (Nuclear Physics), McMaster University
BSc, Sherbrooke University


Guillaume Gervais is a physicist concerned with the search for/study of quantum matter on-a-chip.

Material-wise, Gervais and his team use extremely low-disorder GaAs/AlGaAs, grown in some of the best molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) facilities in the world, as well as the cleanest material in nature, liquid 3He near T=0. They carry out measurements down to ~8 mK, in high magnetic fields up to 70T. Starting from raw semiconducting material, they tailor/fabricate structures for electrons, or nanoholes for quantum fluids, using cutting-edge clean room fabrication processes evolved from the nanotech community. In Gervais’ lab, the search for new quantum phases of matter occurs when the nanotech tools and low-temperature know-how connect with quantum physics.

Gervais’ research centres on the strongly correlated electronic properties of low-dimensional nanostructured systems very near absolute zero. These include the physics of two-dimensional electrons such as fractional quantum Hall effect, anyons and non-abelian quantum statistics; Luttinger liquid behaviour in one-dimensional systems; ‘post-graphene’ two-dimensional atomic crystals; and experiments testing analogies between fluid mechanics and the physics of black holes.


Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Fellowship

Postdoctoral fellowships, Columbia University and Princeton University

Relevant Publications

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Gervais, G., and K. Yung. "Adiabatic Cooling with Non-Abelian Anyons." Phys. Rev. Lett. 105 (2010): 086801.


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