Harry M. Buhrman

Bio Outline


  • Advisor
  • Quantum Information Science


  • Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica (CWI)
Department of Algorithms and Complexity


  • The Netherlands


PhD, University of Amsterdam


Harry Buhrman is a physicist whose research interests are in quantum computing, information theory, classical complexity theory, lolmogorov complexity and distributed computing.

A unifying theme throughout his work is the development of new algorithms and protocols and the establishment of their optimality. A highlight of Buhrman’s work is the paper “Quantum Entanglement and Communication Complexity,” which demonstrated that certain communication tasks can be solved more efficiently with quantum entanglement. This paper formed the basis for the area of quantum communication complexity, with implications for fundamental questions in physics.


Vici Innovational Research Grant NWO, 2005

Scientific Advisor, Institute for Quantum Computing

Group Leader, Quantum Computing and Advanced Systems, Dutch National Research Center for Mathematics and Computer Science

Relevant Publications

Buhrman, H. et al. "Nonlocality and communication complexity." Rev. Mod. Phys. 82 (March 2010): 665–98.

Buhrman, H., R. Cleve, and W. van Dam. "Quantum Entanglement and Communication Complexity." Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics 30, no. 6 (2006): 1829–1841.


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