Ian Affleck



  • Fellow
  • Quantum Materials


  • University of British Columbia
Department of Physics & Astronomy


  • Canada


PhD (Physics), Harvard University
MS (Physics), Harvard University
BSc (Physics and Mathematics), Trent University


Ian Affleck is a quantum physicist whose PhD was in elementary particle theory, an area he worked in almost exclusively until about 1984.

During that period, part of his research was on interface areas between particle physics and cosmology – in particular, phase transitions in the early universe and the baryon number assymmetry of the universe.

In 1984, his interests began to move towards condensed matter theory. Affleck’s present work is primarily in the area of strongly correlated electrons. Some of his most widely known research accomplishments have resulted from applying mathematical techniques from elementary particle physics to condensed matter physics. Despite the rather mathematical nature of much of his research, he has, on several occasions, worked quite closely with various experimentalists, including neutron scatterers at Atomic Energy of Canada and muon spin resonance experimentalists at TRIUMF.


Foreign Associate, French Academy of Sciences

Onsager Prize, American Physical Society

Fellow of the Royal Society

Lifetime Achievement Award from the Canadian Association of Physicists

University Killam Professor, University of British Columbia