Jane Gingrich



  • Fellow
  • Innovation, Equity, & The Future of Prosperity


  • University of Oxford
Department of Politics and International Relations


  • United Kingdom


BAH, Queen’s University
PhD, University of California (Berkeley)


Jane Gingrich is an associate professor of political economy at the University of Oxford and tutorial fellow at Magdalen College.

Her research focuses broadly on structural reforms to welfare and education systems. Her first book examined marketization in health and education. Her more recent work has looked at policy feedbacks in welfare and education reform, and the structuring power of institutions on political behavior and voting. She is currently working on two large projects. The first examines the changing fates of Social Democratic political parties, with a particular focus on the policy and political effects of attention to education as a political strategy. The second is a project is funded by a European Research Council starting grant, which looks at the development of education systems in 22 countries in the post-war period. One of the underlying questions in this research is how political coalitions emerge around particular packages of economic and social policy that allow more inclusive forms of innovation and growth.


European Research Council Starting Grant, 2017

Relevant Publications

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