Jennifer McIntosh



  • Fellow
  • Earth 4D: Subsurface Science & Exploration


  • University of Arizona
Department of Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences


  • United States


Postdoc (Earth and Planetary Sciences) Johns Hopkins University
PhD (Geology) University of Michigan
MS (Geology) University of Michigan
BA (Geology-Chemistry) Whitman College


Jennifer McIntosh’s research focuses on understanding how water changes as it moves through the Earth. 

She is particularly interested in tracers of hydrologic and biogeochemical processes from the earth’s surface to deep subsurface environments, the origins of fluids in the earth’s crust, the extent of groundwater resources and the environmental impacts of oil and gas production.  Her research involves extensive field sampling, laboratory analyses, and geochemical and hydrologic modeling.


Distinguished Scholar Award, University of Arizona, 2017

Best Paper Award by an Early Career Scientist, Geofluids (Journal), 2011

U.S. Geological Survey Star (Special Thanks for Achievement) Award, 2010

Best Paper Award, Coal Geology Division, Geological Society of America, 2007

Morton K. and Jane Blaustein Postdoctoral Fellowship, Johns Hopkins University, 2004-2006


Relevant Publications

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Ferguson, G., McIntosh, J.C., Perrone, D., Jasechko, S. (2018) Competition for the shrinking window of low salinity groundwater. Environmental Research Letters, 13, 114013. Featured Article.
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Vinson, D.S., Blair, N., Martini, A., Larter, S., Orem, B., and McIntosh, J. (2017) Microbial methane from in situ biodegradation of coal and shale: A reevaluation of hydrogen and carbon isotope signatures.  Chemical Geology, vol. 453, pp. 128-145.
McIntosh, J.C., Schlegel, M.E., and Person, M. (2012) Glacial impacts on hydrologic processes in sedimentary basins: evidence from natural tracer studies. Geofluids, vol. 12, pp. 7-21.