Julio F. Navarro



  • Fellow
  • Gravity & the Extreme Universe


  • University of Victoria
department of physics & astronomy


  • Canada


PhD, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba
BSc, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba


Cosmologist Julio Navarro studies the cosmological implications of the observed properties of galaxies and galaxy clusters.

His work on dark matter – the mysterious substance that holds galaxies together – has been highly influential in the crafting of our current paradigm for structure formation in the universe, where the mass budget is dominated by ‘cold’ dark matter and the universal expansion is driven primarily by ‘dark energy.’ Navarro’s work uses some of the world’s largest supercomputers and most sophisticated numerical algorithms to recreate the hierarchical formation of galaxies and other structures. These state-of-the-art simulations have highlighted a number of successes and shortcomings in theories of structure formation.


Henry Marshall Tory Medal of the Royal Society of Canada, 2015

Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, 2011

Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Prize from the Humboldt Foundation, 2004

Guggenheim Foundation Fellow, 2003

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Fellow, 1999

Relevant Publications

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