Louis Taillefer



  • Program Director
  • Quantum Materials


  • Université de Sherbrooke
Department of Physics


  • Canada


PhD, Cambridge University


Louis Taillefer works in condensed matter physics. More specifically, he investigates why some materials exhibit remarkable electronic properties, such as magnetism and superconductivity.

In the last decade, he has specialized in superconductors, materials that conduct electricity without any resistance. A team of CIFAR researchers and collaborators led by Taillefer made a major breakthrough by observing ‘quantum oscillations’ in a high-temperature superconductor, providing direct insight into the nature of electron behaviour in these materials. Taillefer is aiming to understand how to make these superconductors useful for practical purposes – power transmission, levitating trains, magnetic medical imaging, wireless communications and much more.


Kamerlingh Onnes Prize, 2018

Simon Memorial Prize, 2017

Killam Prize in Natural Sciences, 2017, 2013

Diamond Jubilee Medal, 2013

Officer, Ordre national du Québec, 2012

Member of the Order of Canada, 2010

Relevant Publications

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Grissonnanche, G. et al. "Direct measurement of the upper critical field in cuprate superconductors." Nature Communications 5 (2014).

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