Max Welling



  • Fellow
  • Learning in Machines & Brains


  • University of Amsterdam
Faculty of Science


  • The Netherlands


Max Welling is a computer scientist who works in artificial intelligence (expert systems, machine learning, robotics).

He holds a research chair in machine learning at the University of Amsterdam; is co-founder of Scyfer BV, a university spin-off in deep learning; and has held postdoc positions at the California Institute of Technology, University College London and the University of Toronto. Welling received his PhD in 1998 under supervision of Nobel laureate Gerard ‘t Hooft. He has served on the editorial boards of JMLR and JML; was an associate editor for Neurocomputing and JCGS; and has received grants from Google, Facebook, Yahoo, NSF, NIH, NWO and ONR-MUR. Currently, Welling serves on the board of the NIPS foundation and of the Data Science Research Center in Amsterdam; directs the Amsterdam Machine Learning Lab (AMLAB); and co-directs the Qualcomm-UvA deep learning lab (QUVA), the Bosch-UvA Deep Learning lab (DELTA) and the AML4Health Lab.


Program Chair, ECCV, 2016

Associate Editor in Chief, IEEE TPAMI, 2011–15

General Chair, NIPS, 2014, Program Chair 2013

Best Paper Award, ICML, 2012

ECCV Koenderink Prize, 2010

Program Chair, AISTATS, 2009

National Science Foundation Career Grant, 2005

Relevant Publications

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Kingma, D. et al. "Semi-supervised Learning with Deep Generative Models." In Proceedings of NIPS 2014, 3581–3589.

Cohen, T., and M. Welling. "Harmonic Exponential Families on Manifolds." Paper presented at ICML, 2015.

Kingma, D., and M. Welling. "Auto-Encoding Variational Bayes." Paper presented at ICLR, 2014.