Nigel Hussey

Bio Outline


  • Advisor
  • Quantum Materials


  • Radboud University (RU) and University of Bristol (UoB)
High Field Magnet Laboratory (RU) and H. H. Wills Physics Laboratory (UoB)


  • Netherlands (RU) and the United Kingdom (UoB)




Charles Vernon Boys medal (now the Henry Moseley medal) from the Institute of Physics (UK)
Inaugural Brian Pippard Superconductivity prize of the Institute of Physics (UK)
Elected Fellow of the Institute of Physics (UK)
Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit award (UK)
European Research Council (ERC) Advanced grant holder

Relevant Publications

Putzke, C., Benhabib, S., Tabis, W. … Hussey, N.E., et al. (2019). Reduced Hall carrier density in the overdoped strange metal regime of cuprate Superconductors. Cornell University. arXiV:1909.08102

Licciardelli, S., Maksimovic, N., Ayres, J., … Hussey, N.E. (2019). Coexistence of orbital and quantum critical magnetoresistance in FeSe1-xSx. Physical Review Research, 1, 023011.

Lu, J., Xu, X., Greenblatt, M., … Hussey, N.E. (2019). Emergence of a real-space symmetry axis in the magnetoresistance of the 1D conductor Li0.9Mo6O17. Science Advances, 5, eaar8207.

Licciardelli, S., Buhot, J., Lu, J., … Hussey, N.E. (2019). Electrical resistivity across a nematic quantum critical point. Nature, 567, 213-217.

Hussey, N.E., Buhot, J., & Licciardello, S. (2018). A tale of two metals: contrasting criticalities in the pnictides and hole-doped cuprates. Reports of Progress in Physics, 81, 052501.