Paul Wiseman

Paul Wiseman


  • Fellow
  • Molecular Architecture of Life


  • McGill University
Departments of Physics and Chemistry


  • Canada


PhD (Chemistry), University of Western Ontario
BSc (Honours Chemistry), St. Francis Xavier University


Paul Wiseman’s research interests lie at the interface between the physical and biological sciences. His work focuses on understanding the molecular mechanisms involved in how cells adhere to other cells and surfaces, and how cells regulate this adhesion to control cellular migration. He is also interested in developing new fluorescence fluctuation–based biophysical methods, such as image correlation spectroscopy and spatial intensity distribution analysis, to map protein transport and interactions in cells. Wiseman is also working on the application of nonlinear imaging modalities, such as second and third harmonic generation (SHG and THG) microscopy, for live cell and fixed tissue imaging.


Fulbright Visiting Chair at the California NanoSystems Institute, UCLA, 2015
J. D. Jackson Award for Excellence in Teaching (Physics), 2012
Keith Laidler Award in Physical Chemistry, 2009
Biophysical Society Young Fluorescence Investigator, 2005

Relevant Publications

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