Satoru Nakatsuji



  • Fellow
  • Quantum Materials


  • John Hopkins University
  • University of Tokyo
Department of Physics and The Institute for Solid State Physics; Department of Physics and Astronomy


  • Japan


PhD (Physics), Kyoto University


Satoru Nakatsuji is an experimental physicist who is interested in developing new materials for finding novel states of matter, and in fabricating their thin films for spintronics and energy harvesting technologies.

Recently he has been focusing on developing new topological magnets that show unexpectedly large responses at room temperatures. He is also working on the high-resolution measurements not only at room temperature but down to milli-Kelvin range to search for exotic states highlighting quantum entanglement such as exotic superconductivity, quantum spin liquids and correlated electron fluids.


The 23rd Outstanding Paper Award of the Physical Society of Japan, 2018

Japan Academy Medal, 2015

JSPS Award, 2015

MEXT Young Scientists’ Prize, Japan, 2012

Condensed Matter Science Award, 2007

Relevant Publications

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