Steve Dodge

Steve Dodge


  • Fellow
  • Quantum Materials


  • Simon Fraser University
Department of Physics


  • Canada


PhD (Applied Physics), Stanford University
BA, Harvard College


Physicist Steve Dodge uses a variety of laser systems to investigate the optical properties of superconductors and related materials.

His lab is among the best- equipped worldwide, capable of working across a wide range of wavelengths, with femtosecond resolution for time-resolved studies. Dodge uses these tools to understand the electromagnetic properties of materials such as high-temperature superconductors, magnetic metals and magnetic insulators. Current areas of interest include the terahertz conductivity of high-temperature superconductors, the electromagnetic properties of metals tuned close to a quantum phase transition and the behaviour of photoexcited carriers in Mott insulators.


Cottrell Scholar Award, 2002

Sloan Research Fellowship, 2001

Relevant Publications

Klein, L. et al. "Reply to: 'Resistive anomalies at ferromagnetic transitions revisited: the case of SrRuO3'." Phys. Rev. Lett. 84 (March 2000): 2280.