Suzanne Berger

Suzanne Burger


  • Advisor
  • Innovation, Equity, & The Future of Prosperity


  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Department of Political Science


  • United States


PhD, Harvard University
BA, University of Chicago


Suzanne Berger is John Deutch Institute Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and her current research focuses on politics and globalization.

Berger has served as head of the department of political science at MIT and as vice president of the American Political Science Association. She founded the MIT Seminar XXI program, the MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives (MISTI), and its MIT France program. She also co-chaired, with Nobel biologist Phillip Sharp, the MIT Production in the Innovation Economy Commission (PIE). She is currently a member of the MIT Taskforce on Work of the Future.

She served on the Board of Directors of BNP Paribas, 2007- 2011 and was president of the Comité International d’Orientation Scientifique et Stratégique (COSS) of the Collège de France.


Institute Professor, MIT

Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Science

Légion d’Honneur

Rossi Prize, Academie des sciences morales et politiques

Prix Européen du Livre d’Economie, 2004

Relevant Publications

Peasants Against Politics (1972)

Dualism and Discontinuity in Industrial Societies (with M. Piore, 1980)

Organizing Interests in Western Europe (1981)

National Diversity and Global Capitalism (with R. Dore, 1996)

Notre Première Mondialisation (2004)

Making in America (2013)