Victoria Esses



  • Fellow
  • Boundaries, Membership & Belonging


  • Western University
Network for Economic and Social Trends; Department of Psychology


  • Canada


PhD (Psychology), University of Toronto
MSc (Psychology), University of Toronto
BSc (Psychology), University of Toronto


Victoria Esses is a psychologist who conducts research on immigration policy and practice.

She studies public attitudes toward immigration and cultural diversity and the factors that influence the settlement and integration of immigrants. 

Esses is principal investigator and co-chair of the Pathways to Prosperity Partnership, a national research network dedicated to promoting welcoming communities and supporting the settlement and integration of immigrants in Canada. She also has extensive experience consulting for federal, provincial, and municipal governments and for the settlement sector.


Dean’s Award of Excellence, Western University, 2018

Harold Crabtree Foundation Award in Public Policy Research, 2010-2011

Faculty Scholar Award, Western University, 2010-2012

Distinguished Service Award, Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues, 2009


Relevant Publications

Esses, V.M., Hamilton, L. K., & Gaucher, D. (2019). The role of attitudes in migration. In D. Albarracin & B. Johnson (Eds.), Handbook of attitudes (pp. 455-487). Abingdon, UK: Routledge. 

Esses, V.M., Hamilton, L.K., & Gaucher, D. (2017). The global refugee crisis: Empirical evidence and policy implications for improving public attitudes and facilitating refugee resettlement. Social Issues and Policy Review, 11, 78-123.

Esses, V.M., Medianu, S., & Lawson, A.S. (2013). Uncertainty, threat, and the role of the media in promoting the dehumanization of immigrants and refugees. Journal of Social Issues, 69, 518-536.

Esses, V.M., Jackson, L.M., & Abu-Ayyash, C. (2010). Intergroup competition. In J.F. Dovidio, M. Hewstone, P. Glick, & V.M. Esses (Eds.), The SAGE handbook of prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination (pp. 225-240). London, England: Sage.

Esses, V.M., Wagner, U., Wolf, C., Preiser, M., & Wilbur, C.J. (2006). Perceptions of national identity and attitudes toward immigrants and immigration in Canada and Germany. International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 30, 653-669.



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