Yoshiteru Maeno



  • Fellow
  • Quantum Materials


  • Kyoto University
Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science


  • Japan


PhD (Physics), University of California, San Diego
MS (Physics), University of California, San Diego
BSc (Physics), Kyoto University


Yoshiteru Maeno is a materials scientist. As a leader in the field of ruthenate physics, he investigates oxide materials with the same crystal structure as cuprates, the well-known high-Tc superconductors.

In 1994, Maeno discovered superconductivity in the ruthenates. Since then, he has led a highly regarded, highly collaborative research program on these materials.

Ruthenate superconductivity is now believed to result from a revolutionary ‘spin-triplet’ state in which not only the electronic charges, but also the spins of electrons, become superfluid. Maeno is known to be a superb crystal grower, as well as a low-temperature scientist specializing in specific-heat measurements. He makes top-quality crystals of Sr2RuO4, which he shares with fellow members of CIFAR’s Quantum Materials program.

Maeno’s other research interest lies in oxide materials with geometrically frustrated spins. He has investigated their unusual physical properties, such as spin-ice and kagome ice states, using his own high-quality crystals. The aims of investigating these materials are to search for superconductivity, based on unconventional features, and for a quantum spin-liquid state in which electrons spinning in an insulator form coherent pairs.


Superconductivity Science and Technology Award, Japan, 2000

Ryogo Kubo Memorial Award, 2000

Relevant Publications

Maeno, Y. et al. "Substitution for copper in a high-Tc superconductor YBa2Cu3O7–δ." Nature 328 (August 1987): 512–14.