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The Next Big Question 2008: Highlight Reel

by CIFAR Apr 30 / 08

John Helliwell, Social Interactions, Identity and Well Being, on "What makes people happy?", Curtis Suttle, Integrated Microbial Biodiversity, on "How do microbes change the world?", Shawn Marshall, Earth System Evolution, on "How does the Earth change over time?", Louis Taillefer, Quantum Materials, on "How far can superconductivity take us?"

Daniel Gottesman, Quantum Information Processing, on "How can we build a quantum computer?", Victoria Kaspi, Cosmology and Gravity, on "What is the nature of the Universe?", Michele Lamont, Successful Societies, "What makes a society succeed?", Brian Kolb, Experienced-based Brain and Biological Development, on "How do nature and nurture consort?"

Steve Scherer, Genetic Networks, on "How do our genes make us healthy or sick?", Mark Freeman, Nanoelectronics, on "How can we control single electrons?", Sam Roweis, Neural Computation and Adaptive Perception, on "How does our brain create models of the world?", Alex Haslam, Social Interactions, Identity, Well-Being, on "What makes people happy?"