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The new psychology of leadership: Why and how leaders need to care about group identity

by CIFAR Sep 19 / 13
Effective leadership is typically explained to be derived from the personal qualities of leaders that set them apart from others — as superior, special, different.

In contrast to this view, The New Psychology of Leadership argues that effective leadership is grounded in leaders’ capacity to embody and advance a group identity that they share with others. This perspective encourages us to see leadership as a group process that centres on leaders working with group members to create, advance, represent and embed a shared sense of "us" that is capable of motivating and directing their followership. This talk presents evidence of these processes in action, and spells out implications for all-important questions of theory and practice related to a range of key topics in contemporary society.

A presentation by CIFAR Senior Fellow Alexander Haslam (University of Queensland) at the Building Better Lives & Communities symposium on Sept. 19, 2013.