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Researching with Communities — Axelle Janczur: Transformative research and program planning

by CIFAR Nov 26 / 15
On November 26th, 2015 CIFAR held a symposium to explore how we can better use research to improve the lives of individuals in our communities.

With the United Way Toronto & York Region, CIFAR’s newest Change Makers dialogue brought together service providers and researchers to share knowledge and experience of the research process in order to identify ways of improving the policies and programs that serve our communities.

Axelle Janczur: “Creating a bridge between service and research for healthier communities.” Axelle is Executive Director at Access Alliances Multicultural Health and Community Services. She has led Access Alliance in prioritizing capacity building to enhance services for immigrants and refugees, developing a community based research agenda and advocating for improved access to the determinants of health for individuals and communities facing discrimination and marginalization.