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Researching with Communities — Philip Oreopoulos: Evaluating and improving programs

by CIFAR Nov 26 / 15
On November 26th, 2015 CIFAR held a symposium to explore how we can better use research to improve the lives of individuals in our communities.

With the United Way Toronto & York Region, CIFAR’s newest Change Makers dialogue brought together service providers and researchers to share knowledge and experience of the research process in order to identify ways of improving the policies and programs that serve our communities.

Philip Oreopoulos: “Working with Pathways to Education to Evaluate and Improve its Program.” Phil is an Associate Director and Senior Fellow in CIFAR’s Social Interactions, Identity, & Well-Being program. He is a Professor of Economics University of Toronto. His research focuses on particular factors in early stages of a person’s development that contribute to long-run well-being and social-economic success.