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In tribute to E. Sydney Jackson

by CIFAR Apr 15 / 16

CIFAR recognizes with sadness the passing of E. Sydney Jackson. Syd Jackson was a proud supporter of the Institute and the contributions he made continue to play an important role in its ongoing success today.

Syd.Jackson-250x324Mr. Jackson is the former President and CEO of Manulife Financial. He was also a long-time member of the board of directors, and continued to be involved with CIFAR throughout his lifetime.

While Mr. Jackson was with Manulife Financial, he was approached by CIFAR’s then-President Fraser Mustard to support the Institute. Mr. Jackson decided that in honour of Manulife’s 100th anniversary it would fund the creation of CIFAR’s program in Population Health with a gift of $500,000.

Thanks to this support the Population Health program produced some of CIFAR’s most influential research addressing the question of how differences in social and economic status affect human health. The program culminated with publication of the influential book Why Are Some People Healthy and Others Not? The Determinants of Health of Populations. It also gave rise to two of CIFAR’s ongoing programs, Successful Societies, and Child & Brain Development.

After his retirement from Manulife, Mr. Jackson continued to personally support the work of the Institute. He had great appreciation for the excellence and intellectual pursuits of its programs. CIFAR is grateful for all he made possible for the Institute and for Canada.