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CIFAR congratulates Vector Institute on new appointments

by CIFAR Oct 31 / 17

The CIFAR Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy achieved a significant milestone with today’s appointments by the Vector Institute of 10 new faculty members.

“I congratulate the Vector Institute on appointing this impressive group of researchers,” said Dr. Alan Bernstein, President & CEO of CIFAR, which leads the Pan-Canadian AI Strategy. “Vector is one of the cornerstones of our efforts to build on Canada’s lead in artificial intelligence research, and we’re pleased to see the progress they are making.”

The Vector Institute, whose Chief Scientific Advisor Geoff Hinton is a CIFAR Distinguished Fellow, announced the new faculty positions in a release today. They include experts in deep learning, machine learning, natural language processing and a number of other specialty areas such as computer vision, quantum computing research and health care.

In April, the Government of Canada invested $125 million in a Pan-Canadian AI Strategy to be planned and implemented by CIFAR. Toronto-based Vector is one of three centers of excellence CIFAR is funding through the strategy. The others are the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms and the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute.

CIFAR’s Pan-Canadian AI Strategy includes support for the three institutes, a Canada CIFAR Chairs in AI Program, which will fund researchers at the  institutes; an AI in Society program to examine social issues around AI; and a National AI Program to support national and collaborative efforts to support Canadian global leadership in AI research and innovation.