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CIFAR researchers win 2018 Wolf Prize for Physics, Agriculture

by CIFAR Feb 2 / 18

Three CIFAR researchers have been named laureates of the prestigious 2018 Wolf Prize announced Feb. 12 in Jerusalem.

Gilles BrassardGene Robinson

CIFAR Quantum Information Science Advisor Charles H. Bennett and Senior Fellow Gilles Brassard were jointly awarded the Wolf Prize for Physics, which is widely considered in the field to be second only to the Nobel. The prize recognized their role in “founding and advancing the fields of quantum cryptography and quantum teleportation.” Bennett is an IBM Fellow at the Thomas J. Watson Research Center and Brassard is a professor in the Department of Computer Science and Operations 

CIFAR Child & Brain Development Advisor Gene Robinson won the Wolf Prize for Agriculture, often considered the “Nobel Prize for Agriculture.” The University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign professor was honored for “leading the genomics revolution in organismal and population biology of the honeybee.”Research at Université de Montréal.

“All the winners stand at the very forefront, internationally, of scientific research and creativity. From discoveries in physics, to revolutionary discoveries on the honeybee and biological and agricultural research, and pioneering and significant discoveries in chemistry and mathematics, to the musical works which inspire future generations,” said the President of Israel, Reuven Rivlin at the announcement.

Since 1978, the Wolf Foundation has awarded leaders in the fields of agriculture, chemistry, mathematics, medicine, physics, and the arts. This year, the five Wolf Prize awards of $100,000 will be divided between nine winners from the United States, Canada, Japan, Hungary, and the United Kingdom. The president of Israel will present the prizes during a ceremony in Jerusalem at the end of May.