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Global Call for Ideas

by CIFAR Jan 9 / 19

CIFAR invited researchers from all over the world to tell us how they would tackle an important research question.

We selected the 12 most promising and asked the finalists to create full proposals and to compete to be chosen to form a new CIFAR program.

The final selections will be announced in May. In the meantime, find out more about each of the finalists and the questions they want to answer.

What can life in the ocean tell us about climate change and human health?

Microbial Metabolites in the Ocean Carbon Cycle

How can groups be united, but not exclusive?

Boundaries, Claims Making, and the Future of Membership

How can we use AI to discover new materials faster?

Democratizing Molecular Innovation

What are the potentials and perils of fungi to medicine, climate and food?

Fungal Kingdom

How can innovation be beneficial to all?

Innovation, Prosperity, Opportunity

How do we understand the life and environment lying deep below the surface?

Earth 4D: Subsurface Science and Exploration

How can resilience be developed and sustained?

Multisystemic Resilience

How do we harness emergence of complex behaviour?

Emergence in Living and Non-Living Systems

How should we live in an urban century?

Cities and Human Society in the 21st Century

How do we understand the building blocks of nature?

Nature's Fundamental Processes

How did light give rise to life on Earth?

Light to Life

How do we use AI to make life better?

How Can Society Most Effectively Channel Machine Intelligence?