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CIFAR Presents: The Walrus Talks Boundaries

by Marta Huebsch Oct 9 / 19

On September 23, 2019, CIFAR held the first of four The Walrus Talks presented by CIFAR.

Held at the Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau, the theme was Boundaries: how divisions shape our lives, what lies between borders and what membership means now.

The theme of the night’s talk was inspired by the visionary research being conducted by CIFAR fellows in the new Boundaries, Membership & Belonging program. The program brings together leading social scientists and political and legal theorists who collaborate to make sense of membership politics. They ask whether we can re-draw boundaries in a way that is inclusive without losing solidarity and the possibility of collective action. In short, why membership matters in a globalizing world.

Speakers included four CIFAR fellows:

  • Keith Banting, advisor in the CIFAR Boundaries, Membership & Belonging program
  • Adrian M. Owen, co-director of the CIFAR Azrieli Brain, Mind and Consciousness program
  • Paige Raibmon, fellow in the CIFAR Successful Societies program
  • Prerna Singh, fellow in the CIFAR Successful Societies and Boundaries, Membership & Belonging programs
Watch The Walrus Talks here:

Keith Banting: 

Adrian M. Owen: 

Paige Raibmon:

Prerna Singh: