Canada’s premier AI training program welcomes more than 300 international students

by Krista Davidson Jul 30 / 20

The CIFAR Deep Learning + Reinforcement Learning Summer School (DLRL) kicks off its 16th annual edition August 3-7, 2020, in partnership with Mila, the Quebec Artificial Intelligence Institute.

Every year the DLRL Summer School attracts thousands of students to cover the foundational research, latest advances, and real-world applications of deep learning and reinforcement learning. This year, more than 300 of the world’s brightest students will come together virtually. Students in the program come from 45 countries, including countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and South America.  

“The annual CIFAR DLRL Summer School is recognized as a leading AI training program, providing the top students from around the world with a primer on the state-of-the-art of the field,” says Elissa Strome, associate vice president, research and executive director of the Pan-Canadian AI Strategy, CIFAR. “Students have a rare opportunity to connect with world-renowned researchers and expand their peer networks, building connections that will serve them well throughout their careers.”  

"The DLRL summer school is completely in line with our mission to develop AI for the benefit of all, which is supported by all the members of our institute," said Valérie Pisano, president and CEO, Mila. “Even more so in times of pandemic, collaboration between the best researchers from around the world is a key element in the ethical development of our sector, which is why, even virtually, we must continue to focus on high-level training and encourage interaction.”

Students in the program have a unique opportunity to learn from world-class AI researchers, including Canada CIFAR AI Chairs Yoshua Bengio (Université de Montréal) Angela Schoellig (Vector Institute, University of Toronto), Audrey Durand (Mila, Université Laval), Adam White (Amii, University of Alberta) and CIFAR Fellow Chelsea Finn (Stanford University). Students will have the opportunity to have one-on-one discussions with speakers and come together in a number of virtual social networking events

The Summer School will include a range of topics important to AI researchers today, including a panel discussion on ethics in AI, featuring Yoshua Bengio and Doina Precup, moderated by Mila’s Sasha Luccioni. The panel will explore opportunities and challenges in the implementation of ethical AI. 

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