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We are taking swift, decisive action to better understand - and halt - COVID-19 and future pandemic threats. 

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The COVID-19 Action Fund enables responsive, meaningful action and collaboration during this unprecedented time. 

100% of your donation today will support quick-response grants that spur innovation and research collaborations. Together we can accelerate our understanding of, and be part of, a solution to COVID-19. 

What action is CIFAR taking? 
In today’s crisis, we are addressing pressing questions about COVID-19:

  • How does it spread? 

  • How can we eradicate it? 

  • How do we limit the number of fatalities?

CIFAR is mobilizing our global community of scientists and policy experts to advance innovative solutions and actions. 

When the pandemic struck, we convened over 70 global researchers to identify gaps in knowledge and areas of collaboration. As a trusted resource for policy makers, we brought urgent insights to influential Canadian and international policy makers in the first of a series of policy briefings. 

We also launched AI and COVID-19 Catalyst Grants to spark out-of-the-box ideas and projects.

With an extensive network of research, government, policy, and industry contacts across Canada and the world, CIFAR is uniquely placed to catalyze important COVID-19 research. 

Our President and CEO, Dr. Alan Bernstein, also built a career studying retroviruses before leading key science institutions at crucial moments of growth and change. He was the president of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research during the SARS crisis in 2003 and was executive director of the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise. In this crisis, he has quickly emerged as a trusted global leader, identifying knowledge gaps, making connections, and catalyzing new directions of research. 

You too can make a difference. Please join us in pursuing coordinated, collaborative, interdisciplinary research. Donate now.

Donate Now to the COVID-19 Action Fund