Event Information

Start Date:2018/06/28
Start Time:5:00 PM
End Time:6:30 PM
Location:The British Academy, London, UK

On June 28, CIFAR, the International Growth Centre, and the British Academy are convening thought leaders in government, the private sector, and civil society for a robust conversation about Escaping the Fragility Trap – the recent report of the LSE-Oxford Commission on State Fragility, Growth and Development.

Estimates suggest that by 2030, half of the world’s poor will live in countries that are fragile. This report argues a new global approach to state fragility and international aid is needed for countries caught in the ‘fragility trap’.Through a panel discussion at the British Academy, Commissioners will share their findings and explore the implications.

Sir Timothy Besley (Commission Academic Director, Fellow of the British Academy and CIFAR Fellow, and Professor, London School of Economics) will give opening remarks.

Panelists include:
Sir Paul Collier (Commission Academic Director), Fellow of the British Academy, Professor, Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford
James Fearon (Commissioner), CIFAR Senior Fellow; Professor, Stanford University
Rachel Glennerster, Chief Economist, UK Department for International Development
Adnan Khan (Commission  Co-chair), Research and Policy Director, International Growth Centre; Professor,  London School of Economics  
Roger Myerson, CIFAR Advisor; Professor, University of Chicago

This event is organized by CIFAR, the International Growth Centre and the British Academy.

Space at this event is limited; participation is by invitation.

The LSE-Oxford Fragility Commission was established under the auspices of the IGC in March 2017 to guide policy to address state fragility. It is chaired by former Prime Minister of the UK David Cameron. Commission members from CIFAR’s international research network include Sir Timothy Besley (Academic Director) and James Fearon (Commissioner), both fellows of CIFAR’s program Institutions, Organizations & Growth. Tim Besley is also a Fellow of the British Academy.



The Fragility Commission, established under the auspices of the International Growth Centre, was launched in March 2017 to guide policy to combat state fragility. It is sponsored by the London School of Economics (LSE) and the University of Oxford’s Blavatnik School of Government. It is funded from the LSE Knowledge Exchange for Innovation (KEI) Fund and the British Academy’s Sustainable Development Programme through the Global Challenges Research Fund.


The British Academy is the UK’s national body for the humanities and social sciences – the study of peoples, cultures and societies, past, present, and future. The British Academy’s purpose is to inspire and support high achievement in the humanities and social sciences throughout the UK and internationally, and to promote their public value.



Photo of Timothy Besley

Timothy Besley London School of Economics & Political Science, Department of Economics
Photo of Paul Collier

Paul Collier University of Oxford, Blavatnik School of Government
Photo of James Fearon

James Fearon Stanford University, Political Science Department
Photo of Rachel Glennerster

Rachel Glennerster Chief Economist, UK Department for International Development
Photo of Adnan Khan

Adnan Khan Research and Policy Director, International Growth Centre
Photo of Roger B. Myerson

Roger B. Myerson University of Chicago, Department of Economics

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