Gravitation & the Extreme Universe | Industry & Technology

Algorithms in Astronomy and Biomedicine

July 9, 2020

Virtual Meeting





Astronomers and cosmologists have developed powerful computer algorithms, including machine learning methods, to analyze the deluge of noisy data and pinpoint specific astronomical phenomena of interest. Advances in these algorithms can be adapted to tackle similarly complex data in biomedicine, from genomics to medical imaging.

On July 9th, 2020, CIFAR fellows in the Gravity and the Extreme Universe research program will convene with CIFAR AI chairs and other international experts in academia and industry to discuss such advances and how they can be adapted to tackle similarly complex data in biomedicine. This invitation-only gathering will promote discussion on using artificial intelligence (AI) for common challenges across the two fields, including the identification / classification of phenomena of interest, data curation and management, and the treatment of noisy data. Roundtable participants will have the chance to identify opportunities for the algorithms designed for use in astronomical research to be deployed in other disciplines or fields of application (and vice versa), as well as key areas where researchers and industry can collaborate on development. The goal is for this roundtable to be a starting point for sustained conversation and collaboration.