Event Information

Start Date:2014/06/02
End Date:2014/06/02
Location:Delegation of the Ismaili Imamat, Ottawa

On June 2, Aga Khan Foundation Canada and CIFAR hosted an interactive evening of ideas exchange that explored the power of identity in sustainable development and that marked the opening of the Second International Conference on Social Identity and Health.

A panel of experts, including CIFAR Senior FellowAlex Haslam and CIFAR Advisory John Berry, both from CIFAR’s Social Interactions, Identity and Wellbeing program, presented their latest insights on the importance personal and group identity plays in promoting health and wellbeing within plural and developing societies.



Photo of Alexander Haslam

Alexander Haslam University of Queensland, School of Psychology
Photo of John Widdup Berry

John Widdup Berry Queen's University, Psychology

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