SYMPOSIUM   Past event

Book Launch and Symposium at the World Bank

May 8, 2010  

The World Bank





In May 2010, Fellows Peter Hall, Michele Lamont and Peter Evans of CIFAR’s Successful Societies program took part in a panel discussion at the World Bank to launch the program’s collaboratively written book, Successful Societies: How Institutions and Culture Affect Health. 


The standing-room-only audience was comprised of interdisciplinary academics, practitioners, and members of NGOs. Reaction to the group’s presentation revealed that many policy makers continue to view culture as a set of values, rather than a dynamic process that people use to construct meaning in their everyday lives. Likewise, policy makers tend to view institutions as sets of rules, as opposed to ritual systems of interaction that determine legitimacy. The lively discussion raised questions about whether policy makers can or should take actions to change culture and institutions.

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